The Ajapa Yoga Association invites you to a series of lectures on Ajapa Yoga
across Europe from September through November 2019.

See the whole introduction in English at You Tube or below the events description (browse down).

The lectures in Norway will be held on 24th and 25th of September in Oslo and Drammen. Gratis entry!

24.09.2019 OSLO 17:30 - 19:30 Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park (venue info)
Auditoriet Forum, Gaustadalléen 21
Facebook events calendar - OSLO

25.09.2019 Drammen 17:30 - 19:30 Papirbredden (venue info)
Auditorium (3. etasje), Grønland 58
Facebook events calendar - DRAMMEN

Both events are also in the All Events in City app: allevents.in Oslo and allevents.in Drammen.

The lectures, open to everybody and free of charge, will be delivered in English. Following each lecture, there will be an opportunity to learn the Ajapa meditation technique.

The honoured guest at all of the lectures will be ŚRI SWAMI GURUPRASAD PARAMAHANSA, the sole heir of this ancient lineage and the only teacher of Ajapa Yoga at the present time.

The lecturer will be NEERAJ GOSWAMI, an artist and former academic teacher at the Delhi College of Art in New Delhi, a highly advanced practitioner of Ajapa Yoga, designated by Śri Swami Guruprasad Paramahansa as Shiksha Guru, i.e. a person who has attained mastery in Ajapa Yoga and is entitled to teach it.

Introduction to Ajapa Yoga meditation techniqe (English language):

Ajapa Yoga is an ancient form of yoga, which consists of a meditation technique and a simple breathing technique.
Though ancient, it is extremely relevant today in the contemporary world.
What is Ajapa Yoga? Read more at ajapayoga.pl (an article in English, opens in a new window).

The whole calendar of lectures in Europe 2019:

20.09.2019 ŁÓDŹ, Poland
21.09.2019 WARSAW, Poland
22.09.2019 WARSAW, Poland
24.09.2019 OSLO, Norway
25.09.2019 DRAMMEN, Norway
27.09.2019 GDANSK, Poland
29.09.2019 TORUN, Poland
30.09.2019 BYDGOSZCZ, Poland
01.10.2019 POZNAN, Poland
02.10.2019 BERLIN, Germany
03.10.2019 SZCZECIN, Poland
05.10.2019 SZCZECIN, Poland
07.10.2019 WROCŁAW, Poland
08.10.2019 KATOWICE, Poland
11.10.2019 CRACOW, Poland
12.10.2019 CRACOW, Poland
14.10.2019 MISKOLC, Hungary
15.10.2019 BUDAPEST, Hungary
16.10.2019 BUDAPEST, Hungary
18.10.2019 VESZPRÉM, Hungary
19.10.2019 BALATONFÜRED, Hungary
21.10.2019 BRATISLAVA, Slovakia
23.10.2019 PRAGUE, Czech Republic
02.11.2019 KINGSTON UUPON HULL, United Kingdom
05.11.2019 PORTIMÃO, Portugal
06.11.2019 FARO, Portugal
09.11.2019 LONDON, United Kingdom
10.11.2019 OXFORD, United Kingdom
13.11.2019 BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom

For information on venues and more details visit the main lectures page ajapayoga.pl/lectures.